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Shifting entire businesses, organisations and teams into flow

Businesses in flow are values driven, visionary and successful organisations; the happy, creative and motivated places that inspirational people love to work in.

Even the most successful organisations can become blocked. Just like cholesterol, there can be a slow, almost imperceptible choking. This damage might not even be noticed, right up until the heart of the business stops beating. For organisations, the ‘heart attack’ moment is when their people stop caring about the work they’re doing; creativity dies, motivation levels drop off and quality takes a hit. It feels like a battle just to stand still, let alone raise performance levels.

FlowCoacher helps unblock organisations and returns your business to flow. Our clients range from small to large businesses that share common values; they think big, value passion, purpose and happiness at the workplace and see these as core business assets. They are not afraid to implement creative solutions. They have management that believe in listening to their staff to find the answers to the challenges they are facing and believe that their role is to empower their staff to succeed. We guarantee to help you if you share these values.

In today’s world, money alone is not enough to fuel motivation over the long term; your organisation needs shared purpose, passions, beliefs and values with your people. If this is your vision but something is blocking you from making it happen, FlowCoacher can help you.

Senior management and all of the relevant co workers in the business will receive specialist coaching, delivered one to one by the founder of FlowCoacher, Chris Randall. We will always agree a fixed fee with you before starting any work, because we believe in providing clarity on fees and that our clients shouldn’t have to reward us for taking longer than is necessary to do the work.

For more details, please get in contact and take advantage of your free 45 minute meeting, which will give you everything you need to decide if FlowCoacher is for you.

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