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Optimising your success through a framework of freedom and flow

It’s a universal law that concentrated action, focused in the right direction, will always beat an abundance of aimless activity. FlowCoacher’s Fastest Route To Guaranteed Wealth program is designed specifically for those who know where they’re going, want to get there in the most effective way and want to ensure that no effort is wasted.

Our Fastest Route to Guaranteed Wealth program lets business owners focus on being the CEO, managers concentrate on building team culture and results, freelancers and sole traders evolve out of the ‘time for money’ trap and individuals to focus on optimum performance.

We get you creative around building an organisational strategy that has effectiveness at its heart. We’ll help you prioritise what really matters, de-clutter yourself from unnecessary work and consider new ways of utilising your time, which becomes focused on getting the results you desire. We put this into a framework (adapted bespoke for you) that leads you into your flow state and optimum effectiveness, each and every day, week, month and year, even as your goals change over time.

‘Fastest’ means doing everything that is necessary and nothing that is not. ‘Guaranteed’ means that every bit of effort that you put in, counts towards the result, nothing is wasted. And we refer to the classic definition of ‘Wealth’ (from the word ‘weal’) meaning an individual or organisation possessing an abundance of assets or resources to the benefit of the common good. Thus ‘wealth’ can include everything from money, to time, happiness or positive life experiences. You decide what is most valuable for you or your business.

You receive 6 hours specialist coaching, delivered one to one by the founder of FlowCoacher, Chris Randall. This work is neatly divided into 4 sessions (each lasting 1 ½ hours) either at FlowCoacher’s private office in London EC2, or via Skype, if you prefer.

For more details, please get in contact and take advantage of your free 45 minute meeting, which will give you everything you need to decide if FlowCoacher is for you.

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