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Discovering your full potential as an authentic leader

Designed specifically for C level and mid level management, FlowCoacher provides mentoring and executive coaching to help bring your leadership into flow. With over 20 years’ experience in business, management and leadership, FlowCoacher have the know-how to deliver you the best strategies and advice, whatever your situation.

Together we map out who you are when you are being an authentic leader. You don’t have to be highly charismatic or a stirring communicator to be a powerful leader (great leadership can take many different forms) but you do need absolute clarity on all your qualities; we can show you how to leverage your strengths to address your weaknesses. This may involve a review of your business, including interviewing your key staff via confidential interviews and / or questionnaires.

In our experience, the most successful leaders are those that consistently draw from the highs (and lows) of their own personal journeys. In doing so, they give permission for everyone around them to do the same, creating a culture of ‘every day’ leadership in which everyone is working, not only to the best of their abilities, but also asking themselves each day, “what else can I do to work better?”

We help you to visualise the best possible future for your organisation, and communicate it in a way that everyone is fully engaged working towards that vision, building a culture based on shared values and beliefs. We help you to become the example that everyone else looks to follow, not because they have to but because they choose to.

You receive one to one specialist coaching from the founder of FlowCoacher, Chris Randall. We will always agree a fixed fee with you before starting any work, because we believe in providing clarity on fees and that our clients shouldn’t have to reward us for taking longer than is necessary to do the work.

For more details, please get in contact and take advantage of your free 45 minute meeting, which will give you everything you need to decide if FlowCoacher is for you.

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