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Removing the blocks that make your career feel like hard work.

We believe everyone can be truly satisfied with the work we’re doing if that work reflects our purpose in life, our passions, our beliefs and values.

Finding Your Flow is a radical departure from the usual career advice starting point of “do you have the experience to do the role?” and “will it pay you enough?”

Instead, we give you a tried and tested toolkit, to work out for yourself, whether ANY job, role, opportunity and organisation, gives you the greatest chance of working in flow; complete engagement in what one does, resulting in optimum performance.

And, working together, we build a practical, detailed and bespoke action plan that will guide you towards finding the best opportunity, at the best organisation, for the best money – for you!

“It’s my ambition that in my lifetime, everyone in the UK goes to work each morning loving the work they’re doing” Chris Randall, FlowCoacher

You receive 6 hours specialist coaching, delivered one to one by the founder of FlowCoacher, Chris Randall. This work is neatly divided into 4 sessions (each lasting 1 ½ hours) either at FlowCoacher’s private office in London EC2, or via Skype, if you prefer.

For more details, please get in contact and take advantage of your free 45 minute meeting, which will give you everything you need to decide if FlowCoacher is for you.

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