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We love working with all our clients (both organisations and individuals) because they give us the opportunity to do the work we love doing! Below is a selection of the businesses we work with:


  • I reached out to Chris Randall when I was going through a bit of a career cross-road and a reflective stage in my professional career... Chris was able to really help me to look at things from different angles so that I was equipped with the knowledge to make the right decisions for me, he quickly understood the dynamics in my organisation (a large international organisation) so I really felt he understood where I was coming from. Like many people I tended to focus on my negative skills… wishing I was “more this and or more that” … Chris on the other hand helped me to recognise my strengths and encouraged me to explore how to better use these. With the skills, confidence and tools I have gained from working with Chris I was able to get my career back on track… It took a while but whilst things were not ideal, Chris helped me to come to terms with the situation and to find coping mechanisms to move forward in a constructive way. My sessions with Chris were by Skype (as we are not on the same continent!) and they were a real pleasure thanks to his empathy and sense of humour.

    Amal Tucker Brown, UNICEF
  • I have been meeting Chris on a regular basis throughout 2014. Chris’s relaxed and considered style provided a ‘safe’ environment to speak openly and honestly about my business. Chris listens attentively and uses his extensive commercial experience to ask pertinent questions that draw out and frame wider issues. Suggested solutions are tailored to the specific challenges I face within my industry. I found the process surprisingly enjoyable; Chris uses a variety of tools to help him to understand my business and to highlight, often rather compellingly, specific areas that require attention. In short - Chris has provided me with valuable insight, a structured step-by-step plan to help me to grow my business more effectively and the confidence to explore new ways of doing things. I’m certain that these lessons will enable me to take more control over the growth and evolution of my company. Importantly – I felt that we were working in partnership, both working towards helping me develop my business skills and productivity. I have no hesitation recommending Chris and am sure that I will call on his expertise in the future.

    Dan Winning, Owner, Collins Winning
  • Chris has an effortless ability to create and deliver a unique style of coaching. Very quickly I gained clarity and direction, Inspiration and confidence, and an action plan modelled within a framework tailored to achieve immediate results. 

It was a joy to work with Chris, and I highly recommend his service.

    Rakesh Pun, Business Analysis, Architecture, Project Delivery
  • Working with Chris over the last year has been an integral and fundamental element of both my career and my personal growth. I am extremely grateful for his energy and very honoured to be one of his clients. Chris's approach is holistic, empathic and empowering. You are the master, and your steer your own ship, but Chris helps you to see your direction, and helps keep you en route and steady through inevitable storms of the journey. Without doubt, I have gained confidence in the time we have worked together. Chris is on a mission to improve people's lives by helping them to achieve greatness by being in their element. Add to this quest a background in headhunting and a legal savvy, and you have a very unique and wise professional. Chris has really been a life coach to me and I wholeheartedly recommend his work on so many levels. I am now at a point, a year on, having gone through enormous personal and professional transition, facing a very exciting future in front of me.

    Hester Lucas, Head of Music Partnerships at 7digital
  • Chris takes complex business issues and makes them easy to resolve using great strategies. Chris is great to work with and I look forward to working with him over the foreseeable future. I highly recommend him to any small or medium size business owner.

    Lee Smith, Network Support London
  • Chris helps you to see the light that’s already within oneself but has become hidden, damaged, neglected or not even realised. Initially I was rather sceptical when he got me writing down all sorts of weird and on the face of it unconnected stuff. But by the end of our sessions it all began to make sense and the shadows in my work life began to lift. Possibilities that I hadn’t dreamt of suddenly became realistic as my self- belief improved. 
You have to be completely honest and frank with yourself though, get all the dark corners out on the table. In that respect Chris’ manner and approach was encouragingly trustworthy. No judgment just friendly, intelligent, sincere, honest, thoughtful questioning, advice and opinion that ultimately leads you to your own revelations. 
Dwight D. Eisenhower said that, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”. Chris is that leader and inspirer who’s mission in life is to help others help themselves.

    Steve Outlaw, Freelance Producer
  • Chris I cannot thank you enough for the strategic coaching you did for me. Before we began I was doubtful that you would tell me anything that I didn’t already know. I guess I was looking for someone to hold me to account to get things done. I was however not prepared for the level of rigour and sophistication that you brought to the coaching process. I love how you systematically broke down what I was doing, making it so clear where I needed to make significant changes. It was a real eye opener and after a number of years really struggling financially, I am finally earning more than I am spending. I am enormously grateful and would encourage anyone in business to take time to look at their business through your eyes. I can’t thank you enough.

    Tom Fortes Mayer, Founder and Creative Director at FreeMind

Who We Work With

Businesses that think big, value passion, purpose and happiness at the workplace and see these as core business assets, that are not afraid to implement creative solutions, that believe in listening to all staff to uncover the answers to the challenges facing their business and that management’s role is to provide the space and support to empower their staff to succeed. If this is your vision but something is blocking you from making it happen, FlowCoacher can help you.

Individuals who ask “is this all there is?” when they consider their careers. You might be full of passion and energy but feel blocked from a career that reflects your authentic purpose in life, and that delivers in terms of wealth creation. You might have spent some time away from the workplace and are now looking for a career that suits the person you have evolved into, rather than the person you were when you were last working. Or, you might simply be looking for a confidence boost, or for greater clarity in your life and an action plan to help you achieve what you might already know is best for you.

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