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Interview On The Flow Couch #2 Sophie Radcliffe

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Each month we get comfy on the Flow Couch with someone passionate about their work, to find out what living their life in flow means to them. These people are our ‘everyday leaders’, and they’re here to share their secrets to doing business in flow, living with purpose and making money from following their passions. shutterstock_183925997




Sophie Radcliffe runs the blog Challenge Sophie, sharing her love for exploring the adventures of life to challenge her limits IMG_7990[2]through climbing, cycling, running and Ironman racing. Sophie believes that it is through challenging ourselves that we stretch our limits, break down barriers and realise we can achieve far more than we think. We raise the bar of what we expect from ourselves, develop confidence, resilience and drive and go out to achieve more across all areas of life. This is what has happened to her and she’s on a mission to give you the inspiration and tools to be the very best you can be and get the most out of your life.


1) Please introduce yourself and give a summary of what you do?


My mission is to challenge myself, my limits and to question life’s possibilities and through doing so, to encourage, support and inspire people to do the same. I use adventure and endurance sports as a means to challenge myself and to drive this movement in motivating others. On a day-to-day basis I’m a writer, blogger, motivational speaker, model and events organiser.


2) What is it you love most about what you do?

I love that it’s totally me. No-one else could be Challenge Sophie or take it away from me. Previously in my career running business development teams, I always felt as though I had to fight for my position, respect, progression and recognition. Now that I work for myself on building my own brand, everything has an outcome that I am responsible for and pays dividends to me and the people I aim to serve through what I do. I love it because every day I can help people and because it makes me happy.


3) Do you believe it’s possible to follow your passions and still earn enough money to live well?

Absolutely. It’s 100% possible, look around and you will see people doing it. There is nothing special about them, they don’t differ to you or I in any way, the only difference is that they made decisions and took actions to make it happen.


4) How did you get to where you are now? Did you experience a pivotal moment that led you to doing more of what you love at work?

It’s been a transitional process over many years. First of all, I started doing what i loved in my spare time. I worked and built my professional career and at the same time, I went on adventures in my weekends and holidays. When I quit my job and decided to begin forging a new way in life, I launched my blog. This was January 2013 and since then everything has grown and developed extremely fast. Since building a platform I have realise how much people love what I do and have I’ve established a need. Over the last year, I’ve retrained and established myself to be able to make money from Challenge Sophie. During that time, I built a consultancy business to help startups grow and that gave me the foundation and freedom to build Challenge Sophie whilst still doing work in an area I was more established in.


5) What is the one ‘golden nugget’ of advice you can give to others looking to follow their passions at work?

Baby steps. It’s all about building momentum and taking it day by day. Dream big and have those audacious goals set out, but realise that everything you do is a small step towards achieving your goals. Some days it may feel like you’ve made huge leaps and others none at all, but when you look back you’ll realise every day counts, it was all a step in the right direction.


Website – www.challengesophie.com

Twitter – @ChallengeSophie

Facebook – facebook.com/ChallengeSophie

LinkedIn – www.uk.linkedin.com/in/sophieelizabethradcliffe


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