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“It’s my ambition that in my lifetime, every person in the UK goes to work feeling passionate about what they are doing, in a workspace they love being in, to make a purposeful and positive contribution to the world."

Chris Randall, Founder of FlowCoacher

chirs There is ‘hard-nosed’, profitable experience that backs up everything FlowCoacher does. The founder, Chris Randall, was a business litigation lawyer before building (from scratch) and running a successful international investment banking recruitment business; in his last 3 years he personally billed over £2.75 million in revenue and juggled that task with the responsibility of running and managing the business. Nowadays he no longer believes he has to be ‘hard-nosed’ to get things done, however, he is just as keen on adding value to his clients’ lives and businesses.

Many folks choose to work with FlowCoacher on a private, individual basis and we help them find their unique flow. We begin from the standpoint that you are perfect as you are and what you need is a career that nourishes your growth. We give you the practical tools to stop compromising yourself to fit into a job you do just to pay the bills (and that leaves you feeling blocked and unfulfilled) and start working in a space that satisfies your needs, your strengths, your passions. Not only will you give yourself the chance to earn more, you’ll go to work feeling happier, engaged and more motivated than ever before.

Start-ups, SMEs, and Management (C-Level & Mid-Level) in the UK work with us because we can help shift an entire business into flow. We replace triangular, dictatorial hierarchies with self supporting circular management strategies for values driven, value adding businesses. We tackle the ‘big stuff’ head on and produce fast, tangible, long-term results. FlowCoacher will deliver on what matters most to you; growth, profitability, strategy, management, recruitment, retention, sales, engagement, culture, values, ownership, goals, purpose, passion, leadership, teambuilding, bespoke business systems and hierarchies.

FlowCoacher will empower you to think bigger, more strategically and more creatively. Hire and retain great people, build a workforce that cares passionately about their company, not just their jobs. We believe that committed work can be an amazing experience and we are here to help you have fun along the way!

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